Inflatable bubble tent

We invite you to visit our site specializing in transparent inflatable bubble tent.
We have developed this universe in three areas:
-Transparent inflatable bubble tent for sleeping under the stars (or want to transportable).
-Marketing igloos for a fleeting living room, a place of welcome, relaxation, etc….
-Bespoke manufacturing both outside in the cold, which within the rules for the reception by the public.

Bubble Tent is come from a romantic country France. The inflatable Bubble Tent is basically a transparent apartment that you could set up pretty much anywhere you desire all in the confines of a bubble. With the inflatable Bubble Tent you can literally view the stars while you slumber, and sleep closer to nature than you have ever been before. Don’t worry about the wildlife, by the time you see a bear, he will have already punctured a hole through the tent and be 2 legs and an arm deep through your wife. Finally you can have the ability to play trivial pursuit through a bubble, you will just need to install some arms and you’re good to go, just remember it’s moops, not moors. You have to assume there’s a typo.



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